Bounce, Balls, and Surface Temperature

A look at seven different squash balls, and how surface temperature affects their bounce.

By Steve Edgar

January 3, 2000


Seven different squash balls from Dunlop and Prince were compared for rebound over a range of surface temperatures. (Surface temperature is how hot the ball gets during play). Rebound was related to skill level by measuring the surface temperature for players ranging in skill from D level club players to A level intercollegiate competitors.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Ball Abbreviations
  3. Testing for Rebound
  4. Rebound Results for the Pro
  5. Rebound Differences During Play
  6. Rebound Results for All Balls
  7. Fun with Hang Time
  8. A Benchmark for Surface Temperature
  9. Skill Level and Surface Temperature
  10. How Bounce Affects The Game
  11. Approximating Bounce
  12. A Personal View
  13. About The Author